Game on!

This photo appears on one of our most popular museum postcards. It is entitled “Growing Up Nisei” and was taken by Norman H. Sugimoto.

In talking with my museum store colleagues, it appears that the most popular items being ordered on other museum sites are games and puzzles. And that’s not surprising when you are cooped up at home with the family! So we culled through our store to find more games for you!

Now might be the perfect time to learn how to play hanafuda, the traditional Japanese “flower cards”. We have both traditional and “fusion” decks of hanafuda cards (fusion decks can function as Western style playing cards as well as hanafuda game cards.) There is not just one game that can be played with these beautiful cards and we have two books available to teach you the many versions of hanafuda games.

For younger members of the housebound family we have three family friendly games: Sushi Go!, MakeMaki and Tofu Kingdom. And the Paper Sumo game will enhance your origami and fighting skills! For the less “athletic” competitors, try Manifold, another origami based game.

Stay in touch for more puzzle offerings as well as a cornucopia of origami and paper craft projects!

Paper Sumo Game

Maria Kwong
Maria Kwong