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July 09, 2021

Move Over Avocado Roll, There is a New Vegan Roll in Town


The two foods that I miss the most since becoming vegan are a good cheesy pizza and sushi. That is why I was really excited to learn that JANM Store was going to start carrying a new book called Sushi Modoki: The Japanese Art and Craft of Vegan Sushi.

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April 08, 2021

Allen Say ›

I Still Love My First Allen Say Book

As a child, Tea with Milk resonated with me; this was the first book I’d ever seen where the main character looked anything like me! She even had a similar hair style. It was marvelous to see both of my cultures represented together in a medium meant for kids.

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New Year Sprouts!

That’s why I have decided to incorporate more green veggies in my diet with sprouts. I use the Kaiware seeds from Kitazawa Seed Company. One packet is good for about two batches. They are a little spicy and easy to grow.

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September 08, 2020

New 2020-2021 JANM Store catalog!

The new JANM Store catalog is here!


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August 26, 2020

A Light in the Woods

When the sun went down I attached the solar puff to the support bars of my tent and basked in the glory of the warm white light.

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Kasuri or ikat?

Whenever I see clothing made with kasuri fabrics, I find them hard to resist (no pun intended). And while we don’t carry a lot of clothing in our store, once in awhile I have to make these beautiful pieces available to remind people of these traditional textile arts.

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July 08, 2020

Calling All Vegans!

As the Store’s resident Vegan I was asked to test and review a new vegan cookbook called “Vegan Japaneasy,” By Tim Anderson.

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