Shibori Blouse by Mia Morikawa

Summer is a time for light colors and a season full of memories with family, friends, and humid nights tinted by patio light and the smell of the grill. The JANM store can help dress you for the occasion. We have a beautiful hand-crafted silk shibori blouse available in gold or indigo that will be a sure-fire conversation starter for any who appreciates its unique texture and traditional shibori dyeing technique.

Store associate holding up a Shibori Blouse by Mia Morikawa

A product from the designer Mia Morikawa and her company 11.11, each blouse is created using traditional heritage techniques and made from ethically sourced silk and dyes. Their creation is a group effort, supporting multiple rural families and communities across Asia.

It is 11.11’s philosophy that there should be no divide between you and what’s natural. Hand-spun cloth is loomed together from real silk and knotted from artisan hands in small batches so every blouse is completely organic and leave almost no carbon footprint.

It is JANM’s pleasure to present you with a product that is not only stylish and traditional, but also safe for you and the environment! If you would like to own something comfortable, natural, and authentic, please stop by the JANM store (because this item is unique and not sold online!) and treat yourself to a fashion showpiece.

Makena Morgan
Makena Morgan