Neko Fan is a Fan of DIY Koneko Fan!

As a crafty person who loves cats, I had a lot of fun decorating this adorable DIY Koneko Fan from the JANM store. In Japanese, koneko means “kitten,” and folding fans are known as sensu. These fans are not only convenient and practical, but they can also be beautiful display pieces all year round. 

The kit includes one paper fan and a slim storage box, which makes it a perfect accessory to keep in my purse on a hot day. Coloring supplies are not provided, but I was easily able to use markers and pens that I already had at home. 

Markers are a great option if you like bold colors or want to achieve a smooth, consistent look. The ink from my markers bled through the paper and can be seen faintly on the back side of the fan, but I am still very pleased with the result. If you would like to avoid bleeding, I recommend trying colored pencils, crayons, or gel pens. Colored pencils are great if you prefer a precise and delicate approach, but it may be slightly more challenging than markers to color over the ridges. I used glitter gel pens to accentuate my favorite details, such as the cat’s eyes. I love how shimmery the fan looks in the sunlight.

Sophies sample koneko fan

Decorating this fan while listening to an audiobook was the perfect way to unwind after a long day. I enjoyed this kit as an adult, but I think it could also make a nice gift for young artists. It is a fun way for children to practice their fine motor skills and embrace their creativity. 

Sophie Shimazu
Sophie Shimazu