Children’s Courtyard Gifts

The Children’s Courtyard is a permanent installation of individual names of children 21 years and younger. Names are inscribed on stone pavers (one name per line in columns) in the Children’s Courtyard at the entrance to the Museum Pavilion. Placement of each name is determined by the date received. Our mascot for the Children’s Courtyard is a frog, because the word for frog in Japanese is kaeru. Kaeru also means “to return” in Japanese. And we want the children whose names are in the Courtyard to return to the JANM again and again because they are literally part of the Museum.

For a donation of $300 per name, you can create a life-long relationship between a young person and JANM’s mission to preserve and share Japanese American history. Your donation will enable JANM to fulfill its mission to preserve and tell the story of Japanese Americans as an integral part of American history for current and future generations. Every summer, JANM invites all Courtyard Kids and their families to attend a special event during Natsumatsuri featuring educational activities and games for children of all ages.

To view submission guidelines, or to submit your contribution, please click on the link to the Children’s Courtyard Engraving to visit the Children’s Courtyard Guidelines for Inscription page.

frog = kaeru = return !