JANM Store Catalog 2020-2021

JANM Store Catalog 2020-2021
2020 HAS BEEN A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER. Since March 13, we have been closed to the public to comply with the need for safety during this pandemic. However, the JANM team has always been nimble and able to pivot on a dime when necessary. We have long been aware that even before the pandemic, our audience is spread across the country and that many of our supporters are not able to enjoy regular on-site visits to our museum. Yet these people support our mission with membership, donations, and purchases from the store.
So we have used our assets to create content and programming that expands our reach outside of our walls. JANM From Home content presents virtual programs, videos from our archives, educational resources, videos about artifacts in our permanent collection, products from the JANM Store, and more that connect our supporters and new audiences to our mission and work.
This has been a year of affirmation of our mission—the civil unrest that gripped the country was a reminder that civil rights require continued vigilance and protection. This summer, the Watase Media Arts Center—the professional level department that provides video content for exhibitions, publications, and public programs—was honored to win an LA Emmy award for The Masters of Modern Design: The Art of the Japanese American Experience (see page 28). As always, within these pages you will find exclusive new JANM items, including our popular Gaman mask. This catalog is a simple and easy way that you can share and experience JANM’s mission in the comfort of your own home. Gaman!


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