JANM Store Catalog 2019-2020

JANM Store Catalog 2019-2020

Once in a great while an important artifact is suddenly recognized as being so in sync with the times that it demands a wide and immediate audience. Citizen USA is such an artifact. Written in 1943 when the author, Charles Ferguson, was the Director of Adult Education at the Manzanar concentration camp, the unpublished
work was donated to JANM in 2003 by Lois Ferguson, the author’s widow. See the product page for more about this important and amazing artifact which has just become a museum product.

One of the ways a museum store furthers the mission of an institution is by creating and sharing products based on artifacts in the museum’s permanent collection and related exhibitions. In this way we create mementos and learning tools to enrich and extend the JANM experience beyond our walls.

We are pleased that our first “hero” ornament honors Japanese American icon Yuri Kochiyama. Our handmade tribute doll was inspired by the recent trend in the museum store world of creating “hero” ornaments of famous historical figures.

Heroes of color—and particularly Asian Americans—have been among the
underrepresented. In particular, heroic Asian American women as a whole have been missing—until now.

Yuri Kochiyama, the honor is all ours.

In this catalog, you will see many museum products that share JANM’s mission, exhibitions, and programming with you, your family, and friends.

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