To Be Takei: A Star’s Trek for Life, Liberty, and Love (DVD)

Item # 040191.

Directed by Jennifer M. Kroot. Starring George Takei, Brad Takei, Walter Koenig

George Takei's name became a household word when he starred in the role of Sulu, a core character in the ground-breaking series, Star Trek. Since that time, he's risen to pop culture icon status with nearly seven million Facebook fans. He lends his face and his celebrity status to various charities and causes, including being a charter supporter and former Chairman of the Board for the Japanese American National Museum.

This film gives a brief look at the many roles played by Takei, both on screen and off. From screen icon, to community activist, playwright, author, social media maven, and all around great guy, his wit, humor and grace have made him an internationally beloved figure, who with his husband and partner of many years, Brad Takei, continues to make a daily impact on the lives of his fans and followers.

Running time: 93 min.


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