Tea Container Cherry Bark

Item # 112221.

This tea canister is made in Japan by Yatsuyanagi, a manufacture of Akita cherry bark products since 1876. The glossy brown cherry bark has a moist texture and a beautiful shine. The inside is made of steel, which is airtight, lightproof, and moisture resistant. The cherry trees used for Akita cherry bark work are mainly wild cherry trees from the Tohoku region, which grow in a harsh climate and are said to be beautiful and durable. 

The cherry bark is carefully peeled off from the live tree and left to dry in the shade for a year or two to remove the moisture. Yatsuyanagi is committed to the preservation of sustainable nature and the coexistence and co-prosperity of nature and traditional crafts. They are also actively involved in planting wild cherry trees on fallow land. 3”Diam. 4.7”H.  


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