Shiso Leaf Tea Bags

Item # 204040.

By Sanko-en.  
Shiso (perilla) is a Japanese herb that is related to the mint family and has a basil-like refreshing aroma and flavor. The herb is a favorite flavoring for pickles and rice. Shiso Tea is a caffeine-free herb tea made from 100% locally-grown, aromatic and vibrantly-colored red shiso. It exhibits red shiso’s refreshing and enticing aroma and boasts a light and clean taste, making it a perfect match for fatty or oily dishes. It can be enjoyed all year round—hot in winter and chilled in summer! Since it contains no caffeine, it’s safe for women during pregnancy, people with caffeine allergies, and small children. Shiso Tea comes with 10 individual tea bags. 0.7 oz.  
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