The Shifting Grounds Of Race

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The Shifting Grounds Of Race: Black and Japanese Americans in the Making of Multiethnic Los Angeles

By Scott Kurashige.

Los Angeles has attracted intense attention as a “world city”  characterized by multiculturalism and globalization. Yet, little is  known about the historical transformation of a place whose leaders  proudly proclaimed themselves white supremacists less than a century  ago. In The Shifting Grounds of Race, Scott Kurashige highlights  the role African Americans and Japanese Americans played in the social  and political struggles that remade twentieth-century Los Angeles.

Linking paradigmatic events like Japanese American internment and the  Black civil rights movement, Kurashige transcends the usual  “black/white” dichotomy to explore the multi-ethnic dimensions of  segregation and integration. Racism and sprawl shaped the dominant image  of Los Angeles as a “white city.” But they simultaneously fostered a  shared oppositional consciousness among Black and Japanese Americans  living as neighbors within diverse urban communities.

Paper: 352 pp.

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