Sakura Leaf Tea Bags

Item # 204540.

This aromatic sakura (cherry blossom) leaf tea features the beautiful characteristics of the Yokozakura variety whose flowers boast a vibrant pink color—sakura leaves also typically contain a component called coumarin, which produces a pleasant aroma. The Yokozakura leaves, organically grown in Ehime Prefecture, are blended with organic brown sugar, and then the mixture undergoes an oxidation process. When this is finished, the blend is dried by a far-infrared-based system that allows the tea to retain its elegant flavor, aroma and color. To enjoy Sakura Leaf Tea, steep a tea bag in hot water for 60-90 seconds, and you’ll have a relaxing cup of tea with a wonderful sakura aroma. It’s a lovely gift for friends, family, and even yourself too! No artificial food coloring or flavoring is used. It comes with 10 individual tea bags. All sales are final.

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