Niki Nakayama: A Chef's Tale in 13 Bites

Item # 153876.

Written by Debbi Michiko Florence and Jamie Michalak. Illustrated by Yuko Jones.

This picture book biography tells the story of the powerhouse female Japanese-American chef and her rise to fame. As a child and adult, Niki faced many naysayers in her pursuit of haute cuisine. Using the structure of a traditional kaiseki meal, the authors playfully detail Niki's hunger for success in thirteen "bites" — from wonton wrappers she used to make pizza as a kid, to yuzu-tomatillo sauce in her own upscale Los Angeles Michelin-starred restaurant, n/naka. To anyone who tells her a woman can't be a master chef, Niki lets her food do the talking. And oh, does it talk! Ages 5-8.

Hardbound: 40 pp.


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