Koda Farms Heirloom Rice

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A perfect companion to Sonoko Sakai's "Rice Craft" book, and farmed by California's oldest family-owned and operated rice farm and mill. Keisaburo Koda, widely known amongst Japanese Americans as the “Rice King”, was an innovator in the rice industry. By the early 1940s, his integrated farming operation allowed complete quality control from seed to store shelf. With the outbreak of WWII, the family's farm was taken over and stripped by U.S. government mandated management. The family rebuilt from scratch and today Koda Farms is still owned and operated by the grandchildren of Keisaburo.

Kokuho Rose® was introduced in 1962 to the domestic market as the first premium “medium” grain rice. Unparalleled in appearance as well as flavor, it quickly became established as the favorite of Asian Americans throughout the country. Today, this proprietary heirloom strain is still grown exclusively by Koda Farms. Certified organic, kosher, GMO-free. 1 lb. box of vacuum-packed rice. Available in Brown or White.

Limit 3 boxes per order. All sales are final.

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