Invisible Vision

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Invisible Vision: The Hidden Story of Dr. Newton K. Wesley, American Contact Lens Pioneer

By Roy Wesley.

As recently as 1940, contact lenses did not exist for Americans. Invisible Vision  is the hidden story of the man who brought them into existence, trained  doctors and opticians to fit them, and developed the country's largest  contact lens manufacturing company that started the industry. Despite  these accomplishments, few people know his name or background. The  surprising and inspiring life of Dr. Newton K. Wesley-born to Japanese  immigrant parents who arrived at the turn of the 19th century, and  eventually rising to create the US contact lens market-is a story of  survival and flourishing against the odds.

Dr.  Wesley gives hope to those starting life and businesses from nothing as  someone who earned success in the face of loss: he was a US Citizen who  lost everything in WWII, even his wife and two children who were  incarcerated in Japanese American war camps, while he remained free to  start a new life and career. His tale is one of perseverance with a big  payoff.

Paper: 198 pp.

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