Henry Sugimoto: Painting an American Experience

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Written by Kristine Kim. Introduction by Karin Higa. Foreword by Lawrence M. Small.

This was the companion book for the 2001 JANM exhibition Henry Sugimoto: Painting an American Experience, which was a survey of Sugimoto’s paintings as well as an examination of the Japanese American experience as seen through the work of an artist whose life and art were transformed by his incarceration in an American concentration camp during World War II.  

The first retrospective exhibition of paintings by Henry Sugimoto (1900-1990) included 100 works of art, 60 of which are reproduced in this book. Also included in the book: extensive documentation of the painter’s sketches, writing, letters, and exhibition announcements, photographs, and extensive excerpts from Sugimoto’s memoirs, translated from the original Japanese by Emily Anderson.  A moving epilogue by daughter Madeleine Sugimoto concludes this volume.

Paper: 143 pp.

Book Making Waves
Making Waves: Japanese American Photography, 1920 - 1940

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