Godzilla: The Official Coloring Book

Item # 156805.

Celebrate 70 years of the ‘King of the Monsters’ and rampage across  the globe in this official Godzilla coloring book, featuring original  and comic book artwork. Pencils in hand, join the unstoppable force of nature that is Godzilla and wreak destruction around the world  in this official coloring book.

Originally debuting in 1954,  Godzilla has become an international icon and one of the most instantly  recognizable characters in the world. In this official coloring book you  will rampage through cities and battle rival kaiju, such as Mothra,  Rodan, King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla. Godzilla: The Official Coloring Book showcases exciting artwork and never-before-seen illustrations, ready for you to put your spin on.

Paper: 64 pp.  

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