CURIOSITY Gratitude Blooming 10 Cards

Item # 078245.

Bring the spirit of curiosity into your life! Whether you are looking for inspiration, navigating uncertainty or at a cross roads, "Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable." -Mary Oliver

Find inspiration with themes like infinite possibility, simplicity, harmony and balance, grace, curiosity, impermanence, discovery, perspective, choice & a wildcard, the sweet pea.

Share them as gifts or use as cards to spark meaningful conversation and connection. 

Boxed Card Set includes:

● Updated colorful designs blending original artist illustrations, themes and prompts

● 10 nature-inspired cards, with a bonus card, Why practice gratitude?

● QR code on the back to access the artist story and resources for inquiry & reflection

● 4x6 inch cards printed on premium matte paper.

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