Beyond the Japanese Garden – Short Stories and Documentaries (DVD)

Item # 230017.

This DVD is a collection of media, stories, and artifacts from the Japanese American National Museum's exhibition Landscaping America: Beyond the Japanese Garden (2007).

Features include: Mamo's Weeds - A short film directed by Akira Boch and written by acclaimed mystery writer Naomi Hirahara, tells the intriguing story of Mamo Ikeda, a gardener besieged with a destructive weed epidemic and a series of mysterious phone calls from a woman who seems to know personal things about him. The film features the acting talents of Ken Takemoto, Sab Shimono, Rodney Kageyama, Bill Saito, Annie Rollins, Helen Ota, and Robert Covarrubius.

Two documentaries - Sam (dir. Margaret Bach, 1971) and I Don't Think I Said Much (dir. Jeff Furumura, 1973), which provide rare glimpses into the lives of two Southern California Japanese American gardeners in the 1970s

Mini Docs of Japanese American gardeners and gardens

Slide Show of historical artifacts and photographs from the Landscaping America exhibition

Total running time: 70 minutes

Landscaping America: Beyond the Japanese Garden was made possible in part by Presenting Sponsor: The Annenberg Foundation.

A production of the Frank H. Watase Media Arts Center



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