Ba-Chan The Ninja Grandma: An Adventure with Little Kunoichi the Ninja Girl

Item # 157118.

By Sanae Ishida.

It's summer and Little Kunoichi's friends are away on vacation. After exploring every nook and cranny of her super, super secret island home with her pet, Bunny, she is bored! Her parents have an idea: a visit to her wise, quirky, and creative grandma, Ba-chan! Little Kunoichi, joined by her little brother and Bunny, is excited for her visit. They are met with many surprises as they spend time with Ba-chan on an island she made herself and together learn that curiosity, resourcefulness, love, and imagination have more value than things money can buy. Hardbound: 32 pp.

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Little Kunoichi, The Ninja GirlLittle Kunoichi, The Ninja Girl

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