Courageous Footsteps *

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By Diane Dettman

Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 turns fifteen-year-old Yasu Sakamoto’s young life turns into a devastating nightmare. Anti-Japanese threats appear in store windows, painted across buildings and in her school. Within weeks, under the constant watch of armed guards, her family is imprisoned in a camp in eastern California.

Behind barbed wire fences, Yasu and her older brother Haro struggle to accept the over-crowded living conditions and hardships. As time passes, the constant confinement, strict camp regulations and humiliation force them into courageous choices that will change their lives forever.

Winner in the 2016 Pacific Rim Book Festival; runner-up in the 2015 Great Midwest Book Festival. Thoroughly researched and exquisitely written, Dettman’s debut novel pulls the reader into the daily lives of the middle-class Sakamoto family.

Paper: 328 pp.

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