Organic Yuzu Hojicha Tea Bags

Item # 204541.

Made from organically grown tea and yuzu, this roasted tea blend exhibits a toasty aroma with a pleasant citrus scent. Sencha-so, an esteemed green tea manufacturer in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, developed this premium blend, providing an enjoyable and relaxing teatime experience. In order to maintain the natural tea and yuzu peel flavors, they carefully control temperatures during all of their production processes. As a result, the roasted tea has a gentle sweetness that goes well with the fresh yuzu aroma and it boasts a clean aftertaste as well. Because the tea is roasted, its caffeine content is reduced, so you can even drink it before bed! And for easy steeping, the tea is provided in pyramid-shaped sachets which perfectly deliver the beautiful taste of yuzu hojicha.
No additives are used. One package includes 8 tea sachets. All sales are final.

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