Wataridori: Birds of Passage (DVD)

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Directed by Robert A. Nakamura (United States, 1976)

Three issei (first generation Japanese Americans) describe a collective history through personal memories. Miura, a fisherman and wanderer, came to America by ship as an apprentice steward to see the world. The director’s father, Harukichi, a gardener, remembers the little boys who taunted him as he bicycled from his job with a lawnmower tied to his back post World War II. Through Mrs. Sumi, we learn how issei farmers developed the prosperous Imperial Valley farmlands despite the Alien Land Law. In a moving scene, several issei talk about the World War II evacuation. And in one pilgrimage, three generations pay tribute to lives spent at Manzanar concentration camp. Running time: 37 min.

Awards: First Place, Cultures in Focus Bicentennial Celebration Film Showcase; Award of Merit, Art & Cultural Competition.

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