Untold Civil Rights Stories

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Untold Civil Rights Stories: Asian Americans Speak Out for Justice

By Russell Leong and Stewart Kwoh.

This is an educational textbook directed to U.S. high school students, high school teachers, and parents, about the role of contemporary Asian Americans in today's Civil Rights and social justice struggles, before and after 9/11. The book includes profiles of pioneering Korean, South Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, and other Asian Americans involved in social justice issue, labor organizing, anti-violence, and community organizing issues.

Profiles of: Philip Vera Cruz, Lily Chin, Joseph Ileto's family, Beulah Ong Kwoh, K.W. Lee, Fred Korematsu, Faustino Peping Baclig, Amric Singh Rathour, and others. Contains teachers high school lesson plans based on the California curriculum teaching standards, a useful historical timeline, and hard-to-find photos of Asian American "unsung heroes"--both women and men, and a student's "call to action."

Paper: 163 pp.

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