Seinan Southwest Los Angeles 1920s - 1950s book

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By Ansho Mas Uchima and Minoru Shinmoto.

Seinan literally translated from Japanese means “Southwest”. It refers to a neighborhood in Los Angeles that was defined by racial covenants which prevented people of color from purchasing or living in certain neighborhoods.

The Seinan community was made up of both African Americans and Japanese Americans. This book predominantly documents the lives and livelihoods of the Seinan’s Japanese American community, but does mention notable African Americans who were part of it also.

The Seinan community's religious groups, language schools, public schools, social clubs, veterans who were killed-in-action and various biographical profiles of families that lived in Seinan during the early 1920s through just after World War II, are all included in this comprehensive overview of the once vibrant Nikkei community. Many photographs and illustrations are also included to help readers visualize this snapshot in the history of this community. Paper: 252 pp.

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