Secret Harvests: A Hidden Story of Separation and the Resilience of a Family Farm

Item # 150776.

Written by David Mas Masumoto. Artwork by Patricia Wakida.

"I discover a 'lost' aunt, separated from our family due to racism and discrimination against the disabled. She had a mental disability due to childhood meningitis. She was taken away in 1942 when all Japanese Americans were considered the enemy and imprisoned. She then became a 'ward' of the state. We believed she had died, but 70 years later found her alive and living a few miles from our family farm. How did she survive? Why was she kept hidden? How did both shame and resilience empower my family to forge forward in a land that did not want them? I am haunted and driven to explore my identity and the meaning of family—especially as farmers tied to the land. I uncover family secrets that bind us to a sense of history buried in the earth that we work and a sense of place that defines us."--David Mas Masumoto.

Hardbound: 232 pp.


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