Power Made Us Swoon

Item # 159912.

By Brynn Saito.

Guided by the character of the Woman Warrior–witty, swift, and ruthless  in her wonder—readers of Brynn Saito’s second collection of poetry  travel the terrain of personal and historical memory: narrative poems  about family, farming towns, and the bravery of girlhood are  interspersed with lyric poetry written from the voice of a stone found  in a Japanese American internment camp during the wartime incarceration.  What histories can be summoned with poetry? What are the forces shaping  an American life in the 21st century? Car accidents, patriarchy, and  television fall under this poet’s gaze, along with the intergenerational  reverberations of historical trauma. As with The Palace of Contemplating Departure, Saito’s first award-winning collection, Power Made Us Swoon  strives for wonder and speaks–in edgy and vulnerable tones—of the  fraught journey toward a more just world. “Learn to lie to survive,”  sings the woman warrior, “Learn to outlast the flame / learn the art of  surprise.” 

Paper: 79 pp.

 Navigating With(out) Instruments



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