A Guide to Modern Camp Homes

Item # 151942.

By Kevin J. Miyazaki. 

This artist's book, is both fictional and factual, inspired by ‘The Book of Modern Homes,’ published by Sears, Roebuck and Company in 1940. The company’s home catalogs, produced from 1908-1940, featured house models with names like “The Cape Cod” and included illustrations and upbeat descriptions of home features. The catalog format provides a vehicle to to describe the specific living conditions confronted by the Japanese Americans.

For this booklet, new architectural drawings were commissioned and powerful historic photographs were used from both the Library of Congress and the National Archives. Where testimonials would exist in the home catalogs, quotes by those incarcerated are used to describe the living conditions they endured.

The author’s paternal family were incarcerated at both Tule Lake and Heart Mountain. His grandfather was sent to Department of Justice camps in Montana and New Mexico.

Paper: 24 pp.

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