I Would Meet You Anywhere: A Memoir

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By Susan Kiyo Ito.

Growing up with adoptive nisei parents, Susan Kiyo Ito knew only that  her birth mother was Japanese American and her father white. But finding  and meeting her birth mother in her early twenties was only the  beginning of her search for answers, history, and identity. Though the  two share a physical likeness, an affinity for ice cream, and a  relationship that sometimes even feels familial, there is an  ever-present tension between them, as a decades-long tug-of-war pits her  birth mother's desire for anonymity against Ito's need to know her  origins, to see and be seen. Along the way, Ito grapples with her own  reproductive choices, the legacy of the Japanese American incarceration  experience during World War II, and the true meaning of family. An  account of love, what it's like to feel neither here nor there, and one  writer's quest for the missing pieces that might make her feel whole, I Would Meet You Anywhere is the stirring culmination of Ito's decision to embrace her right to know and tell her own story. 

Paper: 248 pp.       

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