Chronicles of a Sansei Rocker

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By Harry Manaka.

From the mid ’60s to the late ’70s in the Los Angeles area, a generation of Sansei knew exactly what they would be doing on weekend nights. They would be attending a dance party at places like the Parkview Women’s Club, the Rodger Young Auditorium, or the Aeronautical Institute. In the beginning, they would be listening to groups like the Ambertones, the Blue Satins, the Emeralds, or Don Julian and the Meadowlarks. This would evolve into the formation of Asian American bands such as Thee Chozen Few, The Prophets, Carry On, Long Time Comin’, and Somethin’ Else. 

Harry Manaka was in one of the premier bands of the Sansei Dance Party era. Chronicles of a Sansei Rocker detail his experiences as the keyboardist with Somethin' Else from the early days playing at places like Parkview Women's Club and the Rodger Young Auditorium. Harry and fellow musician, David Jingu were also the owners of the popular Baby Lion Supper Club. David was tragically killed at the business in 1978.  

Let Harry's Chronicles provide you with a unique insider’s view of the bands that played during this era, how they came together, and how they chose their names. Get a close view of the individual musicians that comprised these bands and some of the interesting things they have to say about their experiences.  

Paper: 219 pp.

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