Transbordering: Migration and Art

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Transbordering: Migration and Art Across Wakayama and the U.S.A.

This is the exhibition catalog from the Museum of Modern Art in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan which is hosting an exhibition that explores the history  of emigration from Wakayama to the United States, particularly focusing  on the work of pre-war Japanese artists who settled on the West Coast. 

JANM is collaborating with the Museum of Modern Art Wakayama (@moma_wakayama) on a three-year research project about Japanese immigrant artists. The partnership includes an annual symposium, educational curriculum, and this exhibition at MoMAW. JANM is lending more than twenty artworks from its permanent collection, including oil paintings, gelatin silver prints, charcoal and ink drawings, sumie paintings, and woodblock prints representing artists Tokio Ueyama, Chiura Obata, Hisako Hibi, Matsusaburo Hibi, Miné Okubo, Jack Yamasaki, Taizo Kato, Harry Shigeta, and the Shaku-do-sha artist collective. Text is in Japanese and English.

The exhibition was on view at the Museum of Modern Art Wakayama, Japan from September 30 – November 30, 2023.

Paper:  222 pp.

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