Forced Out

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Forced Out: A Nikkei Woman's Search for a Home in America

By Judy Y. Kawamoto.

Forced Out offers insight into "voluntary evacuation," a little-known Japanese American experience during World War II, and the lasting effects of cultural trauma. Of the roughly 120,000 people forced from their homes by Executive Order 9066, around 5,000 were able to escape incarceration beforehand by fleeing inland.

In a series of beautifully written essays, Judy Kawamoto recounts her family's flight from their home in Washington to Wyoming, their later moves to Montana and Colorado, and the influence of those experiences on the rest of her life. Hers is a story shared by the many families who lost everything and had to start over in often suspicious and hostile environments.

Kawamoto vividly illustrates the details of her family's daily life, the discrimination and financial hardship they experienced, and the isolation that came from experiencing the horrors of the 1940s very differently than many other Japanese Americans. Chapters address her personal and often unconscious reactions to her parents' trauma, as well as her own subsequent travels around much of the world, exploring, learning, enjoying, but also unconsciously acting out a continual search for a home.

Showing how the impacts of traumatic events are collective and generational, Kawamoto draws interconnections between her family's displacement and later aspects of her life and juxtaposes the impact of her early experiences and questions of identity, culture, and assimilation.

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