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 A Rebel’s Outcry: Biography of Issei Civil Rights Leader Sei Fujii (1882-1954) 

Based on Rafu Gigyu Ondo by Kenichi Sato. Translated by Saeko Higa-Dickinson. Edited by Naomi Hirahara. 

A Rebel’s Outcry is an illustrated biography and detailed look into the life of Japanese American civil rights leader Sei Fujii, known for overturning the California Alien Land Law in 1952 and founding the Japanese American newspaper Kashu Mainichi (California Daily News). His complex history reveals his intriguing journey as an immigrant, a social justice activist, unionizer, and a community leader. Fujii’s story exemplifies the multitude of ways Americans have and may continue to fight for our civil rights. 

The official biography on Sei Fujii is the source material written by author Kenichi Sato and was commissioned by manager Junko Maruya of the Kashu Mainichi. Following the work by Sato, the Little Tokyo Historical Society conducted over ten years of extensive research, including interviews with countless community members, Fujii’s family, and visiting his ancestral samurai home in the Takamori Village of Iwakuni, Japan. Publication of this beautifully designed book is sponsored by Union Bank and UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the George and Sakaye Aratani Community Advancement Research Endowment. 

Original Artwork by Takashi Uchida
Layouts by Amy Inouye
Publishers Jeffrey Gee Chin & Fumiko Carole Fujita  

Hardbound: 232 pp.

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