Sashiko's Stitches

Item # 155339.

By Sanae Ishida.

Stitch by stitch, a child learns to cope with difficult emotions through the traditional Japanese embroidery practice of sashiko in this moving picture book.

Sashiko is a young girl with very big feelings. When her mother teaches her about her namesake—the traditional Japanese practice of mending through embroidery—she finds an outlet for some of those emotions. With each stitch, the dark cloud around her lightens, until her big fears begin to feel less scary. As she heals tears in the fabric, she begins to find a sense of calm and hope.

This deeply resonant picture book explores the transformative power of creative expression, as Sashiko finds threads of peace in her newfound craft. Children and parents alike will take away an appreciation for this beautiful artistic tradition, and for the great potential creative practices have to help us cope with difficult emotions. 

Hardbound: 40 pp.  

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