Print "Welcome to Topaz" by Miné Okubo

Item # 220915.

Reproduction of an original drawing on paper by Miné Okubo from the JANM Permanent Collection. This drawing is now traveling in the JANM exhibition Pictures of Belonging: Miki Hayakawa, Hisako Hibi, and Miné Okubo. (See link below for exhibition schedule.)

A woman with flipped forelock of hair, Miné Okubo, covers her face against the dust blowing in the wind at Central Utah Relocation Center, also known as Topaz, upon arriving from Tanforan Assembly Center, California during World War II. Dressed in cross-patterned top and a skirt, Miné holds a suitcase as she bends over covering her face with her proper right arm as her brother, Benji, covers his face with his hand behind her. The head of men, women and children face away from viewer in foreground; they cover their faces with their hands, and handkerchiefs. At mid-ground, a band of former Boy Scouts from Berkeley plays behind a group of people waiting behind a rope, covered against the dust and wind; some holding up signs, "Welcome to Topaz."

This is an archival digital print created using 100% acid-free cotton fine art paper and the highest quality pigmented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly ink available with a color permanence rating of at least 200 years. Print size 8" x 10". Comes sleeved with foam core backing board.

Pictures of Belonging: Miki Hayakawa, Hisako Hibi, and Miné Okubo.

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