Peti Peto Origami Crane Magic Cleaning Cloth

Item # 111403.

Designed by Tasuku Nishiwaki. 

Peti Peto is a pocket-sized cleaner made of polyester material that can clean debris or smudges from glasses and LCD screens. The “magic” lies in the property of the shape-memory of pleated polyester material. When unfolded, the fabric returns to the shape of the original origami without having to refold it. You just bounce it up and down on the palm of your hand and it falls back into shape. The name is inspired by the Latin words "petit" (small) and "pet" (animal), and we hope that the adorably folded cloth cleaner will become like a familiar pet that you will want to take with you everywhere. 3”x 3.75” folded; 7”x 7” unfolded and flat. Made in Japan.  

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