BeHere / 1942: A New Lens on the Japanese American Incarceration

Item # 234795.

Edited by Michael Emmerich and Erkki Huhtamo. Published by the Yanai Initiative and the Japanese American National Museum, 2022 

This beautifully produced volume was published for Masaki Fujihata’s exhibition BeHere / 1942: A New Lens on the Japanese American Incarceration,  co-presented by the Japanese American National Museum and the Yanai  Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities at UCLA and Waseda  University from May 7 to October 9, 2022. 

It contains a variety of  contributions, each of which engages, in its own way, with the history  of the Japanese American incarceration and its representation in  photographs and exhibitions; with BeHere / 1942 itself;  and with the career of the artist Masaki Fujihata. Contributors include  Emily Anderson, Anne-Marie Duguet, Michael Emmerich, Masaki Fujihata,  Clement Hanami, Erkki Huhtamo, Brian Niiya and Karen Umemoto, and Karen  Tei Yamashita.

Hardbound: 240 pp.

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