Tokyo Night Parade

Item # 154964.

Written by J. P. Takahashi. Illustrated by Minako Tomigahara. 

The night parade is about to begin . . . The  ground thunders in Tokyo. A gust of wind blows. The pitter patter of  paws and claws draws closer. The air is thick with swirling, swooping  demons. It’s Eka’s favorite evening of the year, the one night she  refuses to miss. But it’s become harder to travel to Japan now that  she’s living across the world in New York.

Unsure of when she can return next to see her yokai friends, Eka tries to forget that this could be her last parade for some time.  Instead, she’ll march, sing, dance, hoot, and screech until sunrise.  Because on this night, there’s no time to waste—the night parade awaits. 

Hardbound: 40 pp.

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