The ABCs of Asian American History

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The ABCs of Asian American History: A Celebration from A to Z of All Asian Americans, from Bangladeshi Americans to Vietnamese Americans

Written by  Renee Macalino Rutledge. Illustrated by  Lauren Akazawa Mendez  

This is an inclusive compilation of the holidays, famous figures, traditional  dress, cuisine, and other interesting facts from nineteen Asian American  groups (as defined by the 2020 United States Census), including Korean  Americans, Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Pakistani Americans,  Japanese Americans, Hmong Americans, and more. 

Perfect for  kids ages five and up, this book explores Asian Americans in the US  cultural landscape, from the first Asian American to win an Olympic gold  medal to the first Indian American woman to travel to space, as well as  the names of famous Asian American inventors, artists, and political  leaders. Kids will also learn about traditions, from Diwali to Chinese  New Year; music and fashion styles, from the tabla to the sari; and  signature dishes, like laksa and pho, giving greater visibility to Asian  Americans for the youngest of learners.  Ages: 5 - 8.

Hardbound: 48 pp. 

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