Amabie Laser cut Notecard

Item # 070716-ORANGE.

Amabie, a yokai (supernatural spirit) who presented itself to a passerby on a Japanese beach in the mid-nineteenth century, has been enjoying a resurgence since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic began. Amabie was described as a scaly, three-legged, mer-person with a beak and long hair. Amabie prophesized six bountiful years of harvest followed by an epidemic. But Amabie also provided a caveat that keeping a drawing of the yokai would keep one safe and healthy. With the advent of COVID-19, pictures of Amabie began cropping up in all manner of Japanese social media and quickly spread around the world.

We discovered that one of our favorite stationery companies was producing a version of Amabie as a greeting card! Beautifully laser-cut and set against a colorful tissue background of orange or blue, you can send protective wishes to all of your friends and family!

Ai Ai Ai Papel Picado Notecard

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