George Nakashima Woodworkers PROCESS Book

Item # 151905.

By Mira Nakashima. 

The Process Book is an intimate window into the how and why of the George Nakashima Woodworkers who carry on the legacy of its founder. The book acts a first step in understanding the foundations defined by George Nakashima in the 1940s. Previous iterations of this publication served more as catalogs of the work, while this book seeks to go deeper into the rich and active legacy of a studio that, to this day, is led by a strict adherence to craftsmanship and a humble respect of wood.  

This book is printed and hand-bound in Italy with an exposed spine that pays tribute to traditional craftsmanship. The cover unfolds to reveal a large-scale, two-sided poster with original drawings from George Nakashima on the underside.

Paper: 100 pp. 

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