Kitazawa Seeds--Chiura Obata Kanamachi Turnip

Item # 112229.

Kitazawa Seed Co. has been serving growers and home gardeners since 1917. Kitazawa Seed Company is dedicated to honoring the history of Asian  American contributions to U.S. agriculture. Working directly with the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University and Asian American Art Initiative  (AAAI), they produced this limited edition Kanamachi Japanese Turnip paper packet. This cover features the work of artist Chiura Obata.  

In 1942, Obata and his family were forcibly relocated to concentration  camps with more than 120,000 Japanese Americans—including the Kitazawa  brothers. The image on this seed packet is drawn from an ink painting Obata created of the first vegetables grown in one of these camps.  Although the exact variety of turnip depicted in the painting is  unknown, we can infer that it was most likely Kanamachi. 

This is a limited edition seed packet. 

Due to shipping restrictions we are currently unable to ship Internationally.

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