Li'l Tokyo Reporter (DVD)

Item # 040104.

Directed by Jeffrey Gee Chin. Written by Guinevere Turner. Based on the research of the Executive Producer Fumiko Carole Fujita and the Little Tokyo Historical Society. Produced by Mayon Denton and Michael Iinuma.

This tells the story of Sei Fujii (played by Chris Tashima), a civic rights leader who vowed to protect his people, defending them in legal cases with Attorney Wright and building a much needed hospital for the Japanese American community. During the Great Depression, the community unites at their first annual pageant parade while Fujii promotes their accomplishments through his new radio program and newspaper. Wright brings to Fujii's attention a group running the local gambling hall who decided to take advantage of his community. Fujii must make a decision to confront the issue through his reporting and newspaper.

Will these local baddies win over our historic civil rights leader? Or will our hero survive a road that will lead him into many unexpected twist of events. Subtitles in Japanese. Running time: 29 min. 50 sec.

Sponsored by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program and the Terasaki Foundation.

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