Spirit Stones-Romaji

Item # 220301.

Japanese American words of power have been etched in stone to serve as guiding principles to life. Specify word choice. Sizes (2.5" - 4.5") and colors vary according to nature. We will choose for you.

Shikata ga nai (it cannot be helped) and gaman (persevere) are two concepts that are synonymous with the Japanese American spirit. During World War II, when 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were incarcerated in concentration camps scattered throughout the United States, shikata ga nai and gaman is what you said and did to get through each day.

Ganbatte! (Do your best!) A positive message for anyone embarking on a new endeavor.

Mottainai As a common exclamation used by the Japanese American community, it conveys the imperative, "Don't waste!" or "That's wasteful! It is a word which has evolved from its original meaning in Japanese as an expression or sense of regret for being wasteful.

Jozu! (Well done!) This was a common parental interjection whenever someone accomplished something that they were struggling with at first. Share this affirmation with your friends and loved ones!


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