Nisei Stories of Wartime Japan (DVD)

Item # 040160.

Produced and directed by Mary McDonald. Filmed and edited by Thomas Mazawa.

Somewhat overlooked in the history of Japanese-Americans during World War II are the experiences of American citizens of Japanese ancestry who were in Japan during the war. "Nisei Stories of Wartime Japan" features interviews with these Americans who tell us their eyewitness accounts of events in wartime Japan and relate social and political conditions of the time.

Thousands of American citizens of Japanese ancestry were in Japan in 1941 and were not able to return to the United States until after the Second World War ended. Interviews filmed for “Nisei Stories of Wartime Japan” allow a few of them to tell us what happened in their own words. The film includes ten interviews that encompass a range of experiences and attitudes.

Running time: 76 min.

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Type: video-audio

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