Moving Walls (DVD)

Item # 041607.

Written, produced and directed by Sharon Yamato.

The little-known story of what happened to hundreds of barracks used to house 11,000 people in the barren and desolate area of Heart Mountain, Wyoming is told through interviews with those who lived in them both during and after the war. Hastily constructed in a period of months, these buildings had gaping cracks in the walls that offered little protection from the harsh weather conditions in this remote high desert area.

After the war, these same buildings were used as necessary shelter for veterans-turned-homesteaders who received them from the U.S. government for only a dollar apiece. This film brings together two tales of struggle and resilience: the confinement of a people based solely on race, and the settling of the West by modern pioneers starting new lives on the American frontier. Running time: 26 min.

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