Legacy of Heart Mountain (DVD)

Item # 040096.

Produced by David Ono and Jeff MacIntyre.

Heart Mountain is a spectacular and beautiful backdrop to a story of triumph and tragedy. Seventy years ago, an internment camp filled with 10,000 Japanese Americans sat in the shadow of the mountain. It was just a few miles outside Cody, Wyoming, where the land is rugged and the weather is brutal. It’s where American citizens were imprisoned behind barbed wire and guard towers for no other reason than because of their heritage. Eight out of 10 were from Los Angeles.

The Hirahara Photo Collection tells the story of Heart Mountain through pictures. Patti Hirahara’s father and grandfather had a secret dark room under their barracks where they developed film. In the years they were imprisoned, they took thousands of photos of camp life. Each photo is an opportunity to see the daily struggles and how people worked so hard at making life livable.

Now a museum and interpretive center keep the memory of the camp and what happened there alive with stories from people who once called Heart Mountain “home”. Includes bonus videos: A Challenge to Democracy- Propaganda film produced by the US Government introduces the Heart Mountain Relocation Center to the public. (18 min.) And Japanese Relocation- Propaganda film produced by the US Office of War Information explains why the internment of Japanese Americans is a good idea. (9 min.) Total running time: 56:25 min.

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