Gratitude Blooming-Reflections Card Deck

Item # 114860.

A  set of 39 artist illustrated cards that invites us to pause, notice and  reflect. What can happen when we bring gratitude, nature, art and self  discovery into one powerful experience. This card deck is designed as a tool for inspiration, healing, growth and gives voice to our deep connections through nature. 

Here are a few ideas on how to use the cards:

  • Choose a card at random or select one that inspires you today
  • Notice the beautiful art or corresponding theme and how it draws you in
  • Use the reflections included in the booklet as another way to dive deeper into themes
  • Use  these cards at your next gatherings, social occasions or simple time  with family and friends. Invite meaningful and honest conversations
  • Journal or take mental notes and lean into your intention
  • Incorporate these cards into development workshops and retreats to build resilient teams and foster deeper connections

Let your gratitude practice bloom!

Explore all of the Gratitude Blooming themes and listen to the corresponding podcast episode

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