Usagi Yojimbo: Tengu War!

Item # 158754.

By Stan Sakai.

Usagi seeks out an old  teacher, Sojobo, but upon finding him, learns that a new brand of Tengu  mountain goblins have invaded the Western Peak. Savage and relentless,  they are determined to drive the established Tengu out and prey upon the  people of the area. For the first time, Usagi must ally himself with  yokai against an even greater enemy, in “Tengu War!” 

Then, in “The Master of Hebishima,” Usagi delivers a basket of lizards  to an eccentric monk who lives on a remote island infested with snakes,  where he learns they share a history that goes back to the Great Wars  and the Battle of Adachi Plain where Usagi became a ronin.  

In the  final story, “Yukichi,” Usagi encounters a young swordmaster carrying  out the dying wish of his master. Yukichi must deliver Itsuki-Sensei’s  swords to his nephew, Daido, who will take over his school, however,  they must pass through the territory of a rival school intent on  preventing them from completing their mission. 

Paper: 192 pp.

Usagi Yojimbo Origins Vol.1: Samurai


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