Tokyo Rose--Zero Hour

Item # 156955.

Written by Andre Frattino and illustrated by Kate Kasenow, 

This graphic novel tells the true story of Iva Toguri, a  Japanese American woman who was visiting her relatives in Tokyo shortly  before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Trapped in Japan, Iva refused to  renounce her American citizenship. But she was forced to take a job with  Radio Tokyo to host "Zero Hour," a propaganda broadcast aimed at  demoralizing American troops--in the role of the infamous Tokyo Rose,  "The Siren of the Pacific." 

An introduction explains the "Tokyo Rose" phenomenon and the  devastating effects of World War II on Asian-American communities that  continue to reverberate. In a world rife with misinformation and racial  prejudice, the story of Tokyo Rose has never been more relevant. 

Hardcover: 128 pp.

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